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Decorating your space is always an exciting activity to do. It provides a fun time with the family in planning, going through several home decor ideas, and finally seeing your ideas executed as your home transforms into a whole new shape. Stepping into the newly furnished space also gives you a sense of satisfaction and thrill like that of starting a new chapter of your life. There are many ways to beautify your space like including some wall hanging, adding some valuable handmade art and craft to the living room and more. You can also add to the night charm with crystal table lamps or floor lamps for living room. Among the many attractive and creative home decor ideas you’ll find, using marble for your decor is a fantastic way to give your room a captivating look. If you are curious to know more, this blog that delves deep into the use of marble in home decor is just what you need to read right now.
How Is Marble Made? 
One of the most attractive kinds of stones that goes into construction and sculpture, marble takes plenty of effort and time to be made into the way it appears. Marble is made from limestone, a rock found on the surface of the earth, formed out of sediment layer build-up on sea debris and fossils. When this limestone is heated at the convergence of two earth plates or with magma, it slowly starts getting a luster and pattern that then becomes marble. This marble can be used to bring a special shine to your home along with accessories like standing light and dining room lights.
Although primarily white in color due to pure calcite, marble can also be of different colors and patterns due to the presence of a mixture of minerals. That’s why marble can be of colors like pink, red, blue, green, gray, yellow, and even black. Whether you decide to choose either of these colors for your decor, you can be assured that the underlying qualities of marble remain the same. 

Why Is Marble a Great Choice for Home Decor?
Marble is one of the first materials that come to mind when considering new ways to spruce up your home because of its classic beauty and practicality. As well as being employed in some of the world's most recognizable landmarks, this material is also frequently seen in the interiors of high-end commercial spaces and private residences. Here are some solid reasons why marble is a fantastic choice for home decor.

The stone's magic resides in the fact that it may be used to complement a variety of different design concepts. Any property designed in a contemporary style will look even more glamorous with the addition of this ultra-elegant stone. In addition, most marble varieties have a color palette that is best described as relatively neutral, enabling them to be applied in a wide variety of design strategies.
Additionally, the uniqueness of marble lies in its veining patterns, which can never be replicated exactly in any two slabs. Since marble is a natural material, each slab will have a slightly different crystallization pattern. So, you may rest assured that nobody else will have a design quite like yours because it is so original. That is, marble is the most incredible option if you're the type of person who doesn't like to have the same things as everyone else.

A quick and convenient way to make your home seem more like a dream is to position your marble flooring so that it receives direct sunlight. Most of the time, artificial illumination is not required because of the reflective characteristics that transparent marble possesses. So, isn’t that a great way to add to the charm of your rooms?

The primary advantage of marble is that it is a natural material, looks beautiful, and is exceptionally long-lasting. In addition, marble can tolerate a great lot of foot traffic without showing any signs of wear. Another one of the many reasons why it is a good idea to have marble in your home is that it's extremely sturdy. Its natural composition makes it more resilient than synthetic alternatives in terms of resistance to wear and tear. So, you will find less possibility of scratches and cracks on a marble surface.

Marble was used in the construction of many historic landmarks that continue to attract thousands of tourists each year. And if marble can endure so grandly in such structures, installing them in a home will be a cakewalk. Since it can withstand the test of time, it makes an excellent purchase.

Marble, in contrast to hardwood or certain types of laminate flooring, does not expand or crack when subjected to high temperatures or sudden swings in heat. That is to say, they are able to adjust to a variety of temperatures. In addition, it is terrific because it can be used in virtually any room of the house and for several functions. Therefore, it is a very valuable resource for home decor lights, home decor lamps and home decor with plants.

Marble's polished surface makes it exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. A simple mop can easily restore the shine of your marble flooring. This gorgeous natural stone may be kept in pristine condition with only a minimum of care and attention. Additionally, compared to wood and carpet, it does not serve as a haven for dust mites or collect pet dander in the same way these other materials do. As a result, most people find that their allergies are less likely to be triggered by it.

You probably already know that marble looks great and can add charm to your home, but you should know that it can do more than that. It can bring even more resale value for your home. Marble flooring is a classic choice for any home because of its timeless beauty, luxurious feel, and long-lasting quality. All of these conveniences also make your property more appealing to potential buyers.
This is because, in the end, it is in everyone's best interest for a newly purchased home to require as little work as possible in the way of renovations. This is something that can be avoided by simply choosing a material as popular and desirable as marble.

Where Can You Use Marble in Your Home Decor?
The Entryway
When hosting guests, the entryway is the first center of focus. Therefore, it's crucial to make a statement with your selection. Here's where you can make a design statement and give the room a sense of depth by selecting marble in a hue that works with or stands out against the rest of the decor. To emphasize the significance of this statement, a Black Marble Planter is ideal. Of course, you can't go wrong with Terrazzo Planters if you're looking to make a unique fashion statement. However, the White Marble Planter is the one for you if you want a more understated look. Additionally, getting a tall vase for decoration is a great way to pair objects.

The Bedroom
Your bedroom is a sanctuary, a place where you can unwind and refresh in the company of just you. Try a beautifully patterned marble wall art collage if you like a statement wall but want to keep the rest of your bedroom decor simple. Your bedroom will go from cold and uninviting to warm and stylish with the addition of a polished marble wall accent. Next, pick a table light beside your bed that reflects your personality. In this hectic world, it provides the space you need to mend. Note that the current style trend is for twin night lamps. A carved marble table lamp is ideal for bedside lighting because of its soft glow. They are also useful as bedside table lamps.

The Bathroom
In place of tiles, you might want to explore utilizing an exotic granite or quartzite to create the look of marble in your bathroom. This will help you achieve the opulent feel you're going for without the weight. White Italian marbles like Carrara, Laas Authentico, and Statuario are among the most sought-after selections to choose from. Other popular choices include Statuario. In addition, marble can be used as an accent material in various applications, including sinks, countertops, and even bathtubs.

The Living Area
The living area is the heart of your space, where you host guests and enjoy time with loved ones. An intricately carved marble table lamp from table lamps for living room may provide a refined note to any room. A coffee or side table with a marble top would be a striking and elegant addition to any living space. Marble and metal or wood together might provide a beautiful contrast that will wow your guests. You can also add beautiful marble handicrafts Agra to amplify the look of your living area.

The Kitchen
Vertical installations, such as a marble backsplash, are ideal for showcasing the stunning veining and swirling patterns that are characteristic of marble. In addition, adding marble worktops to a kitchen island will give the space a more elegant appearance overall, making adequate space for items such as kitchenware and serving trays.
Marble surfaces in your kitchen will retain their stunning appearance and have a longer lifespan if they are properly cared for and maintained on a routine basis. You can also use marble for your dining tables to enhance the dining appearance. Add some dining table lights or use scented candles with a candle holder, and lo! Have a romantic dinner date!

The Prayer Room
If you want to construct a beautiful enclave for your meditation and prayer time in a special space, consider using marble in the prayer room. You may also use marble to your advantage by designing peaceful patterns for the walls. Using wall mirror decor, you can also amplify the vibe of the space to help you spend some time in quiet from the cacophony of routine life.

Types Of Marble Used In Home Decor
Bianco Marble
Bianco marble, a type of pure white marble, is in high demand because of its opulence and the impression of space it creates in interiors. Categories of products like Bianco Carrara, Bianco Da Vinci, Bianco Oceania, Bianco Mist, and Bianco Lucca in this type are suitable for use as flooring, walls, countertops, and tabletops inside and outside.

Travertine Marble
The porous nature of travertine marble achieves a more organic and textured appearance and feel. Travertine marble comes in a broad range of colors, from beige and brown to white and yellow. This marble is suitable for both inside and external construction.

Calacatta Marble
This is among the rarest and most prestigious among the several types of marble. The veining in Calacatta is more prominent and eye-catching than other types. The two most well-liked choices in this category are the white and gold Calacatta marbles.

Statuario Marble
Statuario marble is an Italian classic that has been used for centuries. It has one of the most striking natural designs that instantly attract the attention of onlookers. Some of the widespread applications of this type of marble include flooring, interior and exterior walls, countertops and tabletops.

Onyx Marble
In the home, onyx marble is typically seen in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Onyx marble comes in a wide range of colors, from beige and orange to pink and white to brown and green and gray.
Where To Buy Marble Home Decor at Reasonable Rates?
Posh & Plush specialize in marble and wood home decor items. We provide a handpicked assortment of handcrafted objects created from authentic marble, including lamps, wall art, and planters. We are headquartered in Agra, India, and our in-house production operation enables us to create customized items to match your individual needs.

Offering hand-painted designs on glass and marble sets our business apart and attract customers looking for personalized and customized products.
Posh & Plush provides everything you need to incorporate the beauty of marble into your space, whether you're looking for a gift for a colleague or family member, or items to adorn your own house.

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