About us

About Company

Started in early 2014, WorldOne Enterprises is an established manufacturer and exporter of handicraft products. We use art to celebrate the nature, our planet, its cultures, ethos and people. Our unique designs go beyond the norm and push the envelope of creativity to deliver a pleasant surprise to the domestic and international markets.

Our wide range of exquisitely hand-crafted products span across home decor and home utility categories. We blend aesthetics, quality and cost to infuse art in everyday life. In a relatively short span of time, WorldOne has crafted a niche with it's meticulous range of products.

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Our Vision

Our aim is to bridge the knowledge gap between the markets and the highly-talented Indian artisans. Worldone is dedicated to offer a plethora of hand-crafted designs, while supporting a wide community of artists. We aim to create a positive social impact through a business enterprise that is guaranteed to serve exclusivity to our domestic and - international customers

Our Products

• All our products are exquisitely hand-crafted to cater to a clientele that values fine art and places a premium on the exclusivity of fine artistry
• We only use the materials that are lab tested to ensure only acceptable contents.
• Our products are highly customizable by designs, shapes and colors to match the specific requirement of various international markets and clients
• We specialize in glass, marble and wood products that have come to become the unique specialty of the popular city of Agra (India) and the regions around it.