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Floor Lamps are tall standing lights that stand on the floor and provide light at higher levels of the room. A sturdy lamp base ensures stability and the elevation from the floor ensures light is spread higher in the room. There is generally an on/off switch to operate the standing lamp. A lampshade over and around the bulb protects the eye from direct glare and diffuses the light, using a LED light makes it energy saving device also.
Floor lamps for the living room are generally placed behind the chair or as a corner lamp. The increased light is used to perform different activities when switched on and in the off position it acts as an art piece. Placing a floor light instantly uplifts the appeal of your and it becomes your family hanging out area. 
Advantages of Floor Lamp 
1. Versatile lighting: Floor lamps provide versatile lighting options and can be used to create various lighting effects in a room. Whether you need ambient lighting to set a relaxed mood, task lighting for reading or working, or accent lighting to highlight specific areas or objects, a floor lamp can fulfill these needs. The ability to position the lamp at different heights and angles allows for customizable and adjustable lighting.
2. Space-saving: Unlike table lamps or pendant lights that require surface or overhead space, floor lamps stand independently on the floor, making them an excellent choice for smaller spaces. They don't take up a valuable tabletop or counter space, making them ideal for apartments, dorm rooms, or rooms with limited surface areas. Additionally, floor lamps with built-in shelves or tables can serve dual purposes and further maximize space utilization.
3. Easy to move and reposition: Floor lamps are portable and easy to move around, allowing you to change the lighting arrangement and ambiance in a room effortlessly. If you want to rearrange your furniture or redecorate, you can simply relocate the floor lamp to a different spot without any complicated installations or rewiring.
4. Focal point and decorative element: Floor lamps can serve as focal points or decorative elements within a room. With their diverse designs, shapes, and finishes, they can complement various interior styles and add a touch of elegance, sophistication, or visual interest. A unique or artistic floor lamp can become a statement piece, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the room.
5. Soft, diffused lighting: Many floor lamps come with lampshades or diffusers that help create soft, diffused lighting. This type of lighting can add warmth and ambiance to a space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The shade or diffuser can also help minimize glare and prevent direct light from shining into your eyes, making floor lamps particularly suitable for reading or relaxation areas.
6. Additional functionality: Floor lamps often offer additional features that enhance their functionality. These can include built-in shelves, USB ports for charging devices, adjustable heads for precise lighting control, or integrated dimming capabilities. These added functionalities make floor lamps not only lighting fixtures but also practical and multi-purpose additions to a room.
7. Cost-effective lighting solution: Floor lamps can be a cost-effective lighting solution compared to installing recessed lighting or overhead fixtures. They provide ample illumination without the need for extensive electrical work or renovations. Additionally, with the availability of energy-efficient LED bulbs, floor lamps can help reduce energy consumption and lower electricity costs.
Floor lamps combine functionality, flexibility, and style, making them versatile lighting choices for various spaces and purposes.
Types of Floor Lamps 
Floor Lamps are available in a variety of designs, materials, features, and shapes. Choosing just the right Floor Lamp which perfectly compliments your interiors and illuminates dark and dearer corners can be a tedious task. Particularly when planning a stylish yet affordable standing light. In this blog, we have shortlisted floor lamp designs that look great with almost all interior themes, read it till the end and select a floor lamp for your home like an expert.
1. Arc Floor Lamps- Arc floor lamps are distinguished by an "arch" in the lamp base. The pole which is arched on the upward side generally bends over a couch. The shade with the light bulb pointing downwards thus provides enough light for reading or other activities. Arc floor lamps are sleek and curved in profile, making them one-of-a-kind modern lamps. They are best suited for modern rooms or if you want to give a modern touch to the room, Arc Floor Lamp does the best.Arc Floor Lamps, Floor Lamp
2. Modern Floor Lamps- Modern floor lamps are distinguished by their clarity, geometric shape, and sophistication. They provide focused light and are generally primitive in shape because of their futuristic design and finishes they are termed Modern Lamps. Modern Floor Lamps can also act as an accent piece when switched off and are best suited for homes with contemporary settings.Modern Floor Lamps, Floor Lamp
3. Reading Floor Lamps- Reading floor lamps are elegant lamps with an extra arm of light that can be adjusted as you read or perform other tasks. The double light of the lamp provides enough illumination to protect your eyes from straining. Reading Lamps are best to pick when you plan to spend a period at one location. These lamps are best used while doing crafts or other hobbies as they reduce glare, clarify contrast and color shades appear natural. Reading Floor Lamps, Floor Lamp
4. Tripod Lamps- As the name suggests, Tripod Floor lamps have three legs in the lamp base. The base is a breakthrough from a single pole lamp base. It looks stylish and is sturdy as well. These lamps act as true statement pieces. 
Wooden tripod floor lamps blend perfectly with the traditional style interiors, whereas tripod lamps with metal legs are an apt choice for a sleeker and more modern look. You can always choose to differ and make a bold statement with your pick. Tripod Lamps, Floor Lamp
5. Floor Lamps with Shelves- Floor lamps with shelf features a shelf in the middle of the lamp base. This can be used as an extra table to keep lightweight articles. One more style variation of this lamp base is, where there are three shelves in the base. This can be used for storing photo frames or planters or other handy things.
This lamp is an excellent choice when you are looking for utility in the lamp as well. This lamp not only adds radiance and style to the room but its functionality is leveraged, giving the lamp a new meaning.Floor Lamps with Shelves, Floor Lamp
6. Sculptural Floor Lamps- Sculptural floor lamps are a new style of floor lamps where that break the monotony of a pole lamp base and a shade sitting over it. They are identified by the differential shape of the lamp base. The shape is generally a piece of art, designed to give the lamp uniqueness and not necessarily a shade that sits on the top of the base. Sculptural Floor Lamps add aesthetics to any place kept. They become the perfect pick for people who are looking for a dual-purpose lamp. A unique art composition with a light source. Sculptural Floor Lamps, Floor Lamp
7. Tiffany Floor Lamps- Tiffany glass is the shade for a Tiffany floor lamp. Tiffany glass shade is formed by small pieces of colored glass that make a distinctive pattern when held together. The pattern can be inspired by nature, geometrical shapes, or abstract art, when light shines through, it forms a colorful and beautiful display. Tiffany floor lamps add elegance to any room and also serve as a family heirloom that is treasured by generations to come Tiffany Floor Lamps, Floor
8. Wooden Floor Lamp- The lamp base is made of natural wood, polished to bring out natural grains of wood and color. Another extension of the wood floor lamp is a rattan lamp. They are also a natural material that is light in weight and natural wood in color. Generally, we find rattan shades as the light spread through them creates an enchanting pattern which sobre yet captivating. 
Wooden floor lamps are a perfect extension of our wooden furniture and the duo will surely fetch you compliments. They also serve as an outstanding contrast when placed in a modern-style home.Wooden Floor Lamp, Floor Lamp
9. Industrial Floor Lamps- Industrial floor lamps take inspiration from parts of plumbing and interior construction, which are usually not shown. They feature metal pipes or beams and designs which resemble an under-construction building. An alternative to the industrial lamp is a rustic floor lamp, which brings elements of the outdoors to the indoors. Industrial floor lamps are best suited for modern homes where the interior already poses elements of an under-construction building.Industrial Lamp, Floor Lamp
10. Traditional Floor Lamps- Traditional floor lamps are identified by their lamp base, decorative pole, and shade which is usually wider than tall and tapered on the top. The decorative pole has ornate elements which are not sleek and smooth making it old-fashioned. These lamps have prevailed for decades and have adorned most homes. Traditional Floor Lamps can be paired in the room by matching the decorative pole with the theme of your room. A wooden lamp base with a decorative pole can go well with the wood-dominant decor room.Traditional Floor Lamps, Floor Lamp
11. Crystal Floor Lamps- A crystal floor lamp is one with crystal embedded in the top part of the lamp base just below the shade. These are hard to find these days but wherever kept the cut glass which resembles a crystal adds an aesthetic appeal. Crystal floor lamps are classy lamps. They have a captivating look so place them in any corner of the room and be assured of your choice.Crystal Floor Lamps, Floor Lamp
12. Tree Floor Lamps- Tree floor lamps resemble a tree in terms of arrangement. The main lamp base hosts short branches with light at the end of the branch. Forming a pattern of leaves and branches of the tree. Ideally, tree floor lamps feature three distinct lights at three different levels. These lights further are directed in different directions. They form an ambient light generally near their location. Tree floor lamps are best suited in homes where elements of nature are already present. They become perfect extensions of nature's theme.Tree Floor Lamps, Floor Lamp
13. Torchiere Floor Lamps- Torchiere floor lamps are tall and slender lamps with an upward-facing shade or bowl that directs light towards the ceiling. They provide indirect, ambient lighting that helps to illuminate the entire room. Torchiere lamps are often used to create a soft, diffused glow and add a touch of elegance to the space. Torchiere Floor Lamps are best suited for places where indirect ambient light is required.Torchiere Floor Lamps, Floor Lamp
Floor Lamps in Specific Rooms 
Living Room Floor Lamp- This is the most common place where a floor lamp is kept. They are used to add an extra source of light as the living room is occupied by many people at different times of the day. Floor lamps can be placed next to the sitting area or in the corner depending on the necessity of light. A reading lamp can be placed next to the chair for that extra light source. Floor lamps can be placed in the corners to provide a soothing light effect while serving as a decorative piece. 
Dining Room Floor Lamp- In the dining area floor lamp needs to be placed in the corner as moving around the table or sitting on a chair are common activities performed in this area. So a floor lamp needs to be out of walking space. The light style looked for is ambient light creating a warm and soothing effect perfect for family eating and memory-making.
Bedroom Floor Lamp- Here the lamp can be used for dual purposes. The first is an extra light source when all other lights are switched off. This also creates a pleasing subtle effect. If the floor lamp is also ornamental it adds to the beauty of the room and quickly uplifts the feel and look. Generally floor lamp, in this case, is placed in the corner, where light is not sufficient. The second use is as a reading light. In this scenario, the lamp is placed next to the chair or near the bed when reading is preferred in it.
Office Floor Lamp- In offices we seek general overall light and most lamps are suited for office places. Floor lamps can be placed near workstations as an additional light source or at the entrance or reception as a statement piece.
Entryway/Foyer- Floor lamps can make a statement in your entryway or foyer while also providing functional lighting. Choose a floor lamp with a unique design or sculptural elements to create an eye-catching focal point. It can offer welcoming illumination and set the tone for your home's decor right from the entrance.
Reading Nook/Corner- If you have a dedicated reading nook or a cozy corner in any room, a floor lamp is an excellent choice for focused task lighting. Position a floor lamp next to your favorite reading chair or chaise lounge, ensuring that the light is directed onto your reading material. Adjustable floor lamps with adjustable heights and swivel heads are especially useful in these areas.
Floor Lamps in combination with other lamps and light fixtures 
Taking into consideration how floor lamps will be used with another lamp in the room is essential. Floor lamps generally radiate strong light, their light is sufficient to light up dark corners. Keep them in places where natural light is not enough. It is not a good idea to place another lamp near the floor lamp as the floor lamp should reflect strong light in all directions.
Also, count for wall light and ceiling light. If the light is strong and adequate in the upper part of the room then choose a floor lamp that reflects the light downwards. Similarly, if the light is sufficient in the lower half of the room then, a lamp with the light pointing upwards is your pick. 
Choosing the right floor lamp can be tiring but with the right floor lamp, you provide not just adequate light but also accentuates the place where kept.
Where to find Floor Lamps?
Posh N Plush has a wide range of floor lamps. These lamps meet international standards in terms of design, quality, and style. Also, floor lamps are keeping in mind the needs of Indian consumers. With providing adequate light they at an accent piece when switched off. The eco-friendly material keeps them safe for family and friends. They can be paired with wall art, table standee, planters, and table lamps for that exuberant look.

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