Why should you have a modern table lamp at home?

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When someone enters your home welcoming them and making a statement about the home decor ideas is important. Designers from worldwide proclaim guests not only concentrate on furniture but keep an eye on lighting also. The right home decor light not just uplifts any space but also acts as jewelry for the home. Home decor lamps are not restricted to illumination these days, they speak a lot of your style and are an extension of your persona.
My home is not modern. Are these modern lights still for me? It is difficult for me to differentiate between a modern lamp and a regular lamp. What makes lighting modern? What material they can be made of? Which light to set up in the house? Where do buy such lights? If you want answers to these questions, turn on your table light and read this article till the end. It will be hard for you to wrong the light of your home!

What are modern lamps?
When decorating a home one finds many choices including Rustic Lights, Farmhouse lights, Industrial Lights, Glam Lights, and Modern Lights. Modern Lamps find their origin in the early to mid-1900s. They are associated with the modernist movement, created to twist the way one experience art. They are distinguished by their sophistication, clarity, and geometry. They also serve as an accent piece and as per the demand of times, are environment friendly.
Clarity refers to making space much brighter than it is in actuality. That is why these lights are used in spaces where we want to enhance light like the study, kitchen, dining, or bedroom.
These lights are geometrical in shapes like circles, squares, or cubes, and natural in color.
The trend of the time is minimalism, yet the lights are elaborate and this elaboration gives a kind of sophistication feature. Making it difficult to ignore when someone enters the room.
We can conclude modern lamps are a break from traditional lamps and are bold in terms of design, material, and style. They also embrace new technology. Pairing them with minimalistic wall art or planter can create a modern yet subtle effect.

What are Table Lamps?
Table Lamps come into existence when Sun sets off and there is no source of light remaining. These lamps have the unique feature of illuminating a certain space without flooding the whole area with light. With the right shape, shade, and color modern table lamps can act as intriguing decorative item that brings out the personality of any space.
These lights are portable and can be transferred from one place to another without much hassle. They come with a convenient cord and plug, making installation easy. The invention of wireless has further eliminated the use of wire, cords, and oops.
Added Advantages:
1. Replacing a mundane lamp with a modern table lamp revives the mood and the place where illuminated.
2. Shadow and glare are minimized as these lamps emit focused light.
3. They are modest in size and while acting as an accent piece are monumental in flair.

What material are modern lamps made of?
While there are several options available in the market, one needs to be cautious when choosing the right lamp. Lamps come in a variety of materials like glass, plastic, wood, or metal. Sustainable materials like bamboo, marble, and others are becoming extremely popular for modern table lamps. These lamps have added advantage of being eco-friendly and committed to Mother Nature. Our motto, to keep our loved ones and dear ones protected from the harmful effects of hazardous material should not be lost while creating a warm and cozy place to live in.

Where can you place the table lamp?
The primary function of a lamp is to provide light, so in any space where there is not enough light or no light at all, and even where you want a combination of natural and diffused light the lamp should be placed.
Any space can be revamped by just placing a table lamp as it accentuates the beauty of the place.
The place where you sit down to read, whether from a book or your gadgets requires proper light to minimize the eye constraint. Hence, a table lamp is a must.
The place which is most noticed, are the best places to make a statement, place your lamp there.
We have shortlisted 5 places where a modern table lamp is essential
1. Bedside Table Lamp- It is important to place a lamp on your bedside as a nightstand. This lamp acts as armor at night and helps us to not trip over things fallen on the floor. It is a companion while reading your night book. This light is the last to be switched off when we go to sleep. It is a must to have in every bedroom.
2. Task Lights- These lights are generally found on your work desk, where you sit down to work. Their feature of conical shape provides us with targetted light on a certain area, helping us with the right amount of light and making our working experience better, without straining our eyes.
3. The Twin Table Lamps- Table lamps are generally purchased in pairs worldwide. When placed as a set of two they not only offer balanced light but also serve as class-apart accent pieces. They can be paired on your console table, placing it on either corner. In the living room, can be placed on the accent table on both sides of the sofa. We should certainly place them in pairs on either side of the bed. This classic choice has been in vogue for many years.
4. The Entryway Table- The entryway generally has a light, so placing one table lamp on the entryway table does the magic. A single table lamp acts as a decorative and additional source of light as well. You can impress your guests with the first inside look at your home!
You can also keep this table lamp on when you step out of your house. It is of help with just the right light when you are back.
5. The Reading Lamp- If you are a reading person, having a reading lamp beside your accent chair or on your desk becomes a must. Plan for an adjustable table lamp, as it provides focused light on the desired area. This helps you to enjoy your book for hours without straining your eyes.

Tips for placing Modern Table Lamps
Modern lamps are minimal, and sustainable, provide multiple lighting options, and serve as a statement piece. These lamps are best suited for your home. The perfect way of placing a modern table lamp is when it does not shine directly into your eyes. The right lamp will accentuate the space and add sophistication.
1. The bottom of the lampshade should be at eye level when placing the lamp next to your couch or chair.
2. The bedside table should be in line approximately with your chin, to avoid direct strain.
3. The table lamp should be by your furniture and decor. If the interiors are bold go for a sleek and minimal lamp. On the other hand, go for a bold and big lamp if the decor is effortless.
4. To revamp your existing lamp, change your lampshade to add vibrancy and fresh vibes. Shades come in a variety of drums, oval, cylinder, taper, or drum choosing the right shade does the trick.
5. Experimenting with a lamp base is a good idea. They are available in different materials like wood, metal, marble, and more. Choosing sustainable and in line with your existing lamps is the right way.
6. The light source is the most underrated part of the lamp. However, choosing it wisely is important too. Select a natural light bulb for reading and studying lamps. Warm white light goes well bedroom and living room. White light is best suited for offices and workplaces.

Where to find Modern Table Lamp?
Posh N Plush has a plethora of Modern Table lamps. These lamps are at par with international standards while keeping in mind the Indian consumer needs. They are made of sustainable material keeping the environment-friendly quotient checked. They serve as an accent piece and are geometric in shape also. Posh n Plush lamps can be placed on the bedside, living room, console, or entryway, they are hand-crafted taking care of the needs of particular space. They can be paired with wall art, planters, or table art for that exuberant feel.

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